Saturday, October 9, 2010

California Budget for K-12 Public Education

$47 billion sounds like a lot, right?

Does it sound like a lot when you realize there are almost 10,000 schools?

Does it sound like a lot when you realize there are almost 6 million students?

The budget that was passed for California this year includes $47 billion for K-12 Public Education. That totals $4.7 million per school. That totals $7800 per student.

The national average spending per student is $10,259 (The OC Register). That means that in 2010, California falls short by $2500 per student.

At Loma, that shortfall is seen in our lack of technology. That shortfall is seen in our lack of programs like art, music and physical education. Thankfully, Loma teachers are so amazing, the students have NO idea they are lacking in any area of their education.

There are thousands of things I could tell you about the atrocities our schoolchildren face at the hands of politicians, but I would rather you see for yourself.

I encourage you to take a look at the California Education Data website. There is a plethora of data to help you see the dire state of affairs in California public education.

Another website you can check out is Protect Our Students. It provides data and links to current events affecting our California Schools.

The California PTA website also has a lot of helpful information. Including, but not limited to, current information on the political landscape affecting our children.