Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy Insight

While I was pregnant, I couldn't write much. I did, however, make some notes in my most awesome smartphone. I did this in hopes of posting some of it once the carpal tunnel went away. The numbness in my hands isn't entirely gone, but my hands are usable again :)

Anyway, here is something quick I wrote in February.

Pregnancy. Despite what books and women tell you, there is no normal. Every woman has an opposing opinion, because every woman had a completely different experience.

It's your first lesson in following your instinct and intuition. As a mother, you will be INUNDATED with advice, opinions, and peoples' various experiences. I recommend that you listen, think about what they are saying, read between the lines to hear what they are not saying, and then, accept what fits or works for you.

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Friday, April 15, 2011


Bfing is such a wonderful experience. Yes, the first couple days (or weeks for some mothers) is difficult. Yes, the first few seconds of the latch on hurts. And yes, I have had to breastfeed in public due to my poor planning.

But truthfully every minor inconvenience is worth it. He looks at me. He makes adorable noises. And often times, the second he smells me, he stops crying. I dont want a momma's boy, but I must admit it feels good to have a son who is addicted to me.

Im assuming that the benefits of breastmilk over formula are negligible. I know there is a big push for BFing now, but babies have been fed formula (including myself) and thrived. But the experience of BFing is second to none. A mother's determination to give her son the best start to life as possible. The son's appreciation for food, skin to skin contact, and undivided attention. And a husband's encouragement and support.

I chose BFing cuz it's free. I'd say being "frugal" has finally paid off.

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