Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cradle Cap

The worst baby combover ever (maybe he'll be rich like the Donald)!

Thanks to cradle cap, my son lost most of the beautiful hair on his head. It's okay, though. I firmly believe it will grow back stronger, thicker and more beautiful. I sure hope it will be curly!* Mostly, I just miss doing all the funky hairdo's that annoyed his father.

The cradle cap seems to be clearing up. We tried lotion, baby oil and Aquaphor, but those seemed to irritate Daelen (and also seemed to rush the process to the point where all his hair fell out.)

At his four-month doctor appointment, Dr. Freeman suggested washing his scalp more. He said we could also try petroleum jelly, but the washing would probably provide the most success. So we did, and it worked. Every other day, I put on my swimsuit and get in the tub with my Bubba** and I wash his head (3 times).

I think that, like most things with babies, success with cradle cap is different for everyone. My friend Diane**/ had suggested olive oil. The Mayo Clinic**** warns that leaving oil (mineral***** or olive) on the scalp could make the situation worse. Try everything. Try nothing. Either way, cradle cap is not life-threatening. It will eventually go away.

*Be careful what you wish for!
**Brytin told me recently that I cannot call Dae "Bubba."  He explained, "MY initials are BB. I should be Bubba. You can call him Dubba."
***The world's MOST awesome Kindergarten teacher, a trusted resource for breastfeeding and a wonderful friend!
****Even though WebMD is a more popular website for home diagnosis, I trust The Mayo Clinic (because I'm from Minnesota).
****In case you didn't know (which I didn't) baby oil IS mineral oil.

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  1. Dylan still fights the cradle cap in blotches. I have to stay on top of it. Kenzie has it behind her ear - it's overactive sebaceous glands - that's what our doc said. Either way it's annoying and makes for some funky hair! LOL. No matter what Dae is still beautiful and has the best mommy in the world!