Friday, August 19, 2011

The Constant

Even though sometimes it feels shitty because Brytin is always excited to see anyone besides me, it feels good to realize that I am the constant in his life. I am here everyday. I know all about what he does and what happens to him on REGULAR days.

Today, as I was standing outside watching him play at recess, he came up and told me, "I feel better having you here."* Praise the Lord I am able to be a stay-at-home parent.

I am in his life continuously AND continually** - throughout ALL circumstances, not just the big ones. He can always count on me because I have shown him that I am a person he can rely on.*

* He's having a difficult time because his two best friends didn't return to Loma :'( He REALLY misses Lex.
** Continuously - without interruption. Continually - habitually
* And that is why "stepmom" has NO negative connotation in his mind. It is my honor to be his stepmom - and his pleasure to call me that.

Big props to my friend ST for the asterisk idea ;)

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