Thursday, September 18, 2014

MommaBear is ANGRY!

This is the article that started it all for me…

Fentanyl-Laced Heroine
Somebody is poisoning the illegal drugs and no can figure out who or where in the supply chain. Someone is adding hardcore pain meds to the heroin supply and it is totally undetectable. And it is KILLING people.

It’s so upsetting to me. It is so scary. What if it were my kid? What if my kid decides to "experiment" like I did in high school? What if?!!

And it pisses me off that America decided that legalizing marijuana would be GOOD for us?! I just don’t get how that is even possible. How can I help my kid understand that drugs are BAD when they are legal?!! And there is this general state of acceptance throughout the whole country!

And then there was this...

Snap out of it, America!

And I damn near lost my mind! I work VERY hard to get my kids to make good choices. I work VERY hard to help them understand that they need to be responsible members of society. And then I read that one in five drivers on the road is under the influence of something?! So my kid, driving along, making good, safe choices suddenly gets hit by some asshole who needs Xanax to cope with life?! And our states are thinking that the answer to this problem is to legalize marijuana?! WHAT?!

I don't often post my emotional opinions on any of my blogs. I usually take days and sometimes weeks mulling over ideas and sentences and the overall tone of each of my posts. But this is just absurd.

How can I keep my children safe?! How can I protect them? How can I teach them that drugs are bad?!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Kids are Blessed by FOEC Too!

Teaching my children to love beyond themselves has been a struggle. But we have had great success through our service at/for Eastern Cemetery.
Brytin helped make crafts to sell to raise money
Brytin scrubbed a tombstone with some magic D2
Our first day - flagging Veterans' sites on Memorial Day

Daelen can sleep through anything
Sometimes they get a popsicle break
Daelen does some scrubbing too