Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bath Time

Chris has made Brytin take showers since he was a year old. But sometimes, like when Chris is working nights, I let Brytin take a bath.

I love it when he takes a bath, because I get to see his creativity in action. He has some boats and some Power Ranger action figures that he plays with. It is fun to watch him have fun in the water.

Lately, however, bath time has become even more special to me. The other night, he decided it was time for me to get "bath-tized," and he did so in the name of the Lord.

Also, he has taken to washing my arms for me. Why? I do not know, but he loves scrub-a-dubbing my arms and helping me get nice and clean.

He is such a sweet little boy. I appreciate every precious minute I get to spend with him.

Views from Mt. Helix

The pre-adventure adventures continued today. I took Brytin to Mt. Helix in La Mesa to see if that was a place my mom would enjoy. Mt. Helix is the mountain with the big white cross on the top. When we were traveling on the 125, I pointed out the cross to Brytin and told him that is where we were headed. He had fun trying to direct me towards it. "Oh, okay, well, get off the freeway and go towards the right."

Brytin and I had a great time walking on the path that goes around the mountain.

When we got to the top, where the cross is, I saw downtown in the distance. I pointed it out to Brytin, and my most intelligent little angel said, "Hey, yesterday we were on the other side of the city. I can see where we were yesterday!" (I know, I know, the picture isn't awesome. I'm really just trying to entice you to go to Helix yourself!)

Interestingly, we also got to see the backside of "our" mountain. "Our" mountain is really a big hill that's near us. We can see it from a lot of places in San Diego, so I use it to show Brytin where our home is from wherever we are. (We can tell which mountain it is, because it has radio towers on the top.)

Here's a pic of our mountain from our back porch:

At the Mt. Helix park, there is a huge amphitheatre. I've never heard of any concerts there, but it would fun to see one. Brytin wondered if church services are held there. Unfortunately, parking is extremely limited.

Looking towards El Cajon from the amphitheatre.

Another awesome adventure filled with amazing views and wonderful insight from a five-year-old!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cabrillo National Monument

Today Brytin and I took a pre-tour of Cabrillo National Park to see if it is a place we want to take my mom when she comes to visit. The answer? Definitely!

Though my mom will not be able to navigate the craggy rocks of the tide pool, the views from the peninsula of Point Loma are AMAZING (and worth way more than the $5 entry fee)!

Brytin and I had a lot of fun touring the rocky tidepools. I let him lead through the rocky cliffs (while constantly badgering him to BE CAREFUL - little boys are SERIOUS daredevils!)

Not sure what to make of the tidepool thing yet...

Oh, Barnacles!

Every nook and cranny was filled with shells. Brytin was a VERY good boy and did not take any of them - even the purple one I loved so much!

We saw many crabs, but I was unable to catch a photo of the speedy little buggers. Snails, on the other hand, were easy to shoot :)

This rock reminded me of stained glass. But it also looks like a tortoise shell.

A purple rock!!

Can you see the face?

A rock filled with holes ("Just like SpongeBob Squarepants," says Brytin).

Contemplating the intricacies of life (like father, like son).

Besides the tidepools, Cabrillo National Park also hosts the original lighthouse for San Diego. It is almost 100 years old, but was only in service for 33 years.

"Brytin, do you know what a lighthouse is?"

"Well, according to Scooby-Doo, it has a lot a lot a lot of stairs and a ladder, too!"

"You're right, it does. Do you know why the building has a light at the top?"

"So ships know where the land is when it is dark."

Who said Scooby-Doo doesn't teach kids anything?!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Man

I have been out of work for one year now. I haven't blogged as much as I've wanted (I'm about six months behind!). I haven't cleaned my house nearly as much as I've intended. I haven't done a lot of things I meant to do.

I have, however, assisted in raising a magically awesome inspiring handsome and ridiculously intelligent boy.

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago.