Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homemade Halloween

When I was a kid, Halloween was all about creativity. The first costume I remember was a gypsy. My mom took a piece of fabric and one of her belts and made a very gypsy-like skirt. She put a bandana on my head and some eyeliner on my eyes – bam! Instant costume!

We did not have Halloween stores in Minnesota when I was a kid – we had a big huge box in the basement filled with random crap that I would use to create a costume. An old prom dress, a clown suit, a graduation robe and a cop uniform were some things I remember in that box.

The next Halloween costume I remember was in the sixth grade. My mom worked her a$$ off! She took a BIG piece of foam, cut out holes for my arms and eyes, and then painted it like a Pepsi can! It was AWESOME! I wish I had pictures. (Even though Mom was the best at Halloween costumes, she was not good at photos. LOL)

After a couple years of seeing Chris drop like $40 on superhero costumes for Brytin, I was able to convince him this year to make a costume. How? By making a suggestion that I knew BOTH boys would love – a biker! And I must admit it was the most perfect idea!

The costume turned out totally bad a$$! We found a jean jacket at a thrift store and chopped the sleeves off to make a “cut.” (A “cut” is a motorcycle club member’s vest that carries their club’s patch.) Brytin already had a Harley T-shirt in his closet. We got him a pair of baggy jean (like Jax) at another thrift store. Chris hooked him up with a wallet chain and wallet (just like Daddy’s). Chris worked really hard hooking up Brytin’s bicycle – repairing it, painting it and replacing some parts (all with the intent to make it look more like Daddy’s bike). My part? To sew the patches on the cut of course :)

Everyone who saw Brytin today at the party said the same thing – “Wow! You like just like your dad!” Both Chris and Brytin were grinning from ear to ear!

Though some people did give me sideways glances for allowing my kid to dress like that, I am glad that Chris and Brytin’s first endeavor with a homemade Halloween was so memorable.

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