Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bath Time

Chris has made Brytin take showers since he was a year old. But sometimes, like when Chris is working nights, I let Brytin take a bath.

I love it when he takes a bath, because I get to see his creativity in action. He has some boats and some Power Ranger action figures that he plays with. It is fun to watch him have fun in the water.

Lately, however, bath time has become even more special to me. The other night, he decided it was time for me to get "bath-tized," and he did so in the name of the Lord.

Also, he has taken to washing my arms for me. Why? I do not know, but he loves scrub-a-dubbing my arms and helping me get nice and clean.

He is such a sweet little boy. I appreciate every precious minute I get to spend with him.

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