Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Garden Adventure!

The Quail Botanical Gardens was WAY cooler than I expected. Brytin and I spent about an hour walking around some of the gardens. We pretended we were Diego, in the jungle, with maps and magnifying glasses. Whenever we would come to a fork in the road, I would let him chose which direction to go. We ended up walking in circles a lot, but it was fun. Thankfully, Brytin is a good sport about humoring my interest in all things botanical :)

Quail just opened a new garden - the Hamiliton Children's Garden - a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, the tree house was closed for repairs (?!!). We spent about thirty minutes playing in the Children's Garden with wood blocks, musical instruments, etc.

They also had another children's area that Brytin LOVED. (Seeds of Wonder.) We played with dinosaurs, a water well, and they had a huge train.

We finished off the afternoon with a walk through one of their cactus gardens. Good day!

Location: Encinitas, CA

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