Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Mother's Work

In the last hour, I have nursed a baby, changed two diapers, talked about Hot Wheels with a six year old*, made my baby laugh, cleaned up cat urine from my new wood floor, made a pot of coffee, took the dog outside (hoping to preserve the new wood floor), cleaned up the wounds on my son's head, made Brytin breakfast, consoled the husband whose fave coffee mug broke...All of this so I could (cough, cough) pump milk from my rock hard breasts in peace**.

My fatal error - that I was so graciously reminded by my six-year old one minute into my solitude - turn on cartoons.

Sigh. A mother's work truly is never done.

*Do you know how much a six yr old has to say about Hot Wheels?!
**Let's be real, I wanted to play Wordfeud.

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