Friday, September 2, 2011


"...children give us the opportunity to work shit out we couldn't when we were young."

The blog post above is from Kurt Sutter. He is the writer of my favorite television show, Sons of Anarchy.

The blog post is a beautiful baring of soul. It is an excellent piece of insight for parents. Kurt Sutter is a brave individual for using his writing skill to share his dilemmas with the world.

There are a lot things I do not agree with Kurt Sutter about, but I must admit, he enlightens me. On his blog, with his television show, and through his social networking posts. He is truly a literary genius.

And this particular blog posting of his is a crossover for three of my blogs - parenting, motorcycling and writing. Pure genius.

Please, watch the Season Four premier of Sons of Anarchy September 6 on FX. Let one of the parents in this world who truly desires to be a great parent get paid for the great work he does.

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