Friday, December 4, 2009

Walking Field Trip

The Loma Kinders set out on a walking adventure to Firehouse #15 in Spring Valley. 64 kids, 3 teachers, and as many parents as possibly could walked approximately half a mile from the school to the Firehouse. The kids were very well behaved on the walk!

When we got there, the captain spoke to us about fire safety and introduced the kinders to the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" process. They all listened very attentively.

One of the firemen put on the full uniform so the kids could see what a firefighter would look like if he came to their house. He also put on the breathing apparatus so they would know what he sounded like (Darth Vader). Interesting fact: the fireman's jacket has three layers - the fire retardant outside, the waterproof middle, and the sweat-wicking inside. Did you know that the fireman's sweat could potentially turn to steam and burn him?

All the kids got to sit inside a fire truck.

And then spray a fire hose!

The walk back to school was a little more difficult, as all the kids were hungry and tired and it was all uphill. But we managed and the kids had a great time!

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