Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Side Effects of Pregnancy

It is amazing to me the crazy things that can (and do) happen to a woman's body during pregnancy. Millions of books have been written, articles posted, and probably thousands of hours have been spent talking to other moms about the side effects of making a baby.

I personally have been plagued with a few things:

Carpal Tunnel - my right hand has been numb since Thanksgiving!
Costochondritis - apparently very common
Snoring (This doesn't bother me, but my husband says it keeps him up at night - I think he's just looking for some attention!)

I have been using Tiger Balm on my hands to decrease the pain, swelling, numbness, etc.

I have been using Vicks VapoRub on my ribs to try to decrease the inflammation.

I have been sleeping mildly upright to avoid sleeping on my hands and hopefully snore less.

I would write more, but it hurts a LOT to type. Maybe after the baby is born, I can recount for you my experience...

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