Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pea in a Pod

To my dearest pea in the pod:

I love you. And for some reason, this silly little ornament symbolizing your growing in my belly, makes me the happiest pregnant woman in the world this Christmas.

The Broussard family is so blessed with your almost presence. I rub my belly constantly, hoping you can feel the hugs I long to give to you.

Chris stares at your ultrasound picture every day - I can see the pride swelling in his eyes everytime I tell him how much you two look alike!

And Brytin, man, Brytin couldn't be happier. He asks me every day what you are growing (this week, it's nostrils). He rubs my belly, he tells me how big my legs are, he asks what tasks he gets to do for you...you are very blessed, Baby Broussard, to have Brytin for a big brother.

I now understand why God used a baby to change the world.

You've changed my life, Baby - my heart, soul and mind. I'm so thankful for you this Christmas.

I have NO idea where you get your buddha belly, but it definitely helps explain my buddha belly!

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