Monday, May 16, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

I wrote this while sitting in Brytin's classroom one day in December (probably correcting spelling tests for his teacher or stapling homework packets or just waiting to have lunch with Brytin).

Words can never completely describe what I've seen as a volunteer in my son's class.

His teacher works her ASS off with these kids. There are 30 kids in this class. Some of them are AMAZING. Always follow directions, work independently, make excellent choices...but not enough. Most of the kids do whatever they FEEL like doing at that moment.

One kid in particular ...he cant go three minutes without interrupting the class...

But then on the other hand, the lessons these kids are given - its really no surprise they are bouncing off the walls to play. Time, temperature, reading, spelling...I dont personally remember specifics of 1st grade, but I doubt I was half as educated as these kids. I think my first spelling test was in third grade, honestly.

Mrs. Hammer was a great teacher, don't get me wrong, but my parents never expected her to be the only person to teach me something!

If you have a child in school, please spend five minutes and write your child's teacher a thank you note. They go through far more in a day than you or I can really comprehend.

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