Friday, May 20, 2011

Whoa! Slow Down!!

I can't believe you are already (almost) 2 months old! It's so exciting to see you change and grow everyday, but yet I get a little sad thinking how everyday you grow a smidge further away from me. I know that is the natural order of things, and like I said, it's exciting, but someday soon you won't sleep on my chest, you won't need me to hold you all day, someday you won't even come to me for food...I'm not sure God's purpose for parenthood but it certainly is an intriguing mix of bursting joy and terrifying heartbreak!

Stepparenting is different for me, and that's probably mostly because I didn't hold him as a helpless infant. He was a year and a half, and in my mind, ready to become a man (he is a Broussard after all). And every day since, I've spent my energy preparing him to become a productive member of society. I want Brytin to become more and more independent. I welcome each new step of growth and maturity with a celebration. I NEVER let him be less mature than he is most capable.

It is possible that once Dae hits 18 months, a similar mentality will kick in for me. But for now, I love love love to tend to his every whim and whimper. And each night as I lay him down to sleep, and kiss his little head, I say a quick prayer that tomorrow might go a little slower.

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