Friday, November 22, 2013

Maybe Your 8-Year-Old Just Needs You

Maybe your two year old just needs you.

I read a blog this morning about a mother who has a two-year-old that just wanted to spend some time with her. The mother actually took the time to just spend time with the toddler. The mother then felt horribly guilty because she had missed so many of those opportunities. Those opportunites easily get missed because moms sometimes just don't pay attention or because moms mistakenly think the kid needs discipline or because moms are just too tired to be present at that moment.

This is not my problem.

I am almost TOO available for my two-year-old. I actually can sense when he just needs a hug, a song, to hang out or to lay down with me. I am exceptionally attuned to his needs and his wants and respond accordingly.

Unfortunately, my missed opportunites are with my eight-year-old. I could cry rivers of regret over the countless missed opportunities to hug, cuddle, tickle, hang out and play with him.

I never saw him as a helpless baby. When we were introduced, he was able to talk and walk and for a thousand crappy reasons, I just never cuddled with him.

I try to now. I try. I fail often, but I try to be present for him.

I have to try harder. He, too, deserves a remarkable mother.

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